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LSAT 2019
Self Assessor

TestBag LSAT  Question Bank  is a large knowledge pool  covering all major subjects, their topics and subtopics for LSAT Examination and self tests from this pool can be created by user very easily by selecting options and simulating very own test with help of Self Assessor

Free user can take one test per day and valid for 2 days only.
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TestBag LSAT Question Bank Topic-wise Details

The pupose of Question Bank and Self Assessor is to build your basics step by step and not to go directly but to exam specific topicwise or unit tests. The same are dealt in separate module.

LSAT Question Bank covers following areas

1. General Mental Ability cover Reasoning and Logic Tests for following topics. 



























2. Verbal Ability covers  English Comprehension









TestBag Self Assessor 

TestBag has a unique and flexible Self Assessor which allows every user to create  Self Tests for Formative Assessment (Assessment for Learning).
Learning can be effectively undertaken when you understand what is known to you, what remains to be known and initiate steps to bridge the gap. You require a system to apprise you the unknown or gap in your knowledge each topicwise. That is where Self Assessor steps in.
Self Assessor has facility to enable you to create and run your own tests randomly and instantaneously for self assessment from a large knowledge pool on your subjects, topics and keywords with flexibility to choose number of questions, type of questions, level of questions, allocate time and marks. Results of tests are instantaneous detailing given answers and correct answers. This is of great help in your regular studies. Simulate a self test on topic learnt today, understand what is known to you and what remains to be known and the refer to books, peers or teachers to cover your knowledge gap
In this way of Self Assessment, the Learner is not spoon fed but has to look up to cover the unknown knowledge. Quite a good number of Learners may not prefer this slightly difficult way of Learning. The question is not of preference but of effectiveness. We remember the things we have had to look up ourselves rather than those were told.

By this method, Learners find knowledge retention long lived in their minds, because they put in efforts to gain understanding in form clear enough for them. Learning leaves learner enriched with lasting knowledge
Self assessor not only assesses your learning but also adds lot to your knowledge from its own knowledge pool during assessment. That is why it is Assessment For Learning




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